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Episode 420 - Sudden Showers
Block Invitation
An invitation in the theme...
So, it's a couple of years after you've enjoyed some wedded bliss. Now it's onto creating a family, and that might require a baby shower. Here is my suggestion for an innovative invitation idea: alphabet blocks!

  • white, self-fold square boxes
  • broad-tipped, colourful markers
  • fine-tipped, colourful marker

Write the details for the baby shower on one of the box flaps. Using various coloured broad-tipped markers, on each remaining flap, write large letters of the alphabet (i.e. "A is for Anna"; "B is for Brandon"; "C is for Coffee, Chat, Cookies"; "D is for Delivery"; and then, "F is for Friday the 10th" (the date of the shower). You can add some dots for extra detail in each corner of each flap of the box. Place, unassembled, into an envelope, and send.

When your friends receive the invitation they will have the suspenseful fun of assembling it into its box-shape. Not only will it bring back memories of their own childhood, as they place it in a special spot in their home they will see how well it shapes up as an invitation.