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Episode 420 - Sudden Showers
Pearls and Jewellery
Timeless classics...
With a wide range of possibilities, from simple to elaborate, necklaces, earrings or bracelets can really complement a look. Vintage jewellery expert Carole Tanenbaum finds that brides tend to know what they want to wear and what period they want to reflect in walking down the aisle. Strands of pearls, chokers and bracelets are often the perfect adornment. The intricate designs of vintage pearls, rhinestones, etcetera, are often strikingly beautiful.

Because it is "faux" jewellery, from a price perspective vintage jewellery is a great way of giving a gift that looks ten times more valuable than it actually is. If you are wearing a piece, let's say, from the 1940's that is in great condition, it is amazingly cost efficient as it will probably not even be as expensive as a contemporary piece of costume jewellery.

One of the most frequent questions that brides and grooms ask is what to get for attendants as gifts. Well, according to Carole, jewellery, such as pearls, is a timeless choice again and again. Attendants always feel wonderful wearing them because they are wearing a bit of history. The idea of carrying something from somebody else's past is always an intriguing idea. The notion of continuity is prevalent as people who buy the vintage keepsakes can pass them onto their children and so on.

Special Thanks: Carole Tanenbaum, Carole Tanenbaum Vintage Collection, Toronto, ON, e-mail: carolet@home.com