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Episode 420 - Sudden Showers
Baby Shower Table
Centerpiece, baby style...
Here's an idea for all of you new parents or friends of new parents. Let's start those kids off early on the road to entertaining success. Throwing a baby shower is a wonderful thing to do whether it's before a baby arrives, after a baby arrives or for a christening.

When setting up your baby shower table, I want you to think about a buffet set-up. As your guests wander around the house looking at the new baby's room or the baby itself, the buffet table will allow them to come and go as they please.

To change the dimensions of the table set-up and to add a bit of height, position a few small stationery boxes on top of the table. Cover the table with a fabric that echoes the baby motif: letters of the alphabet, pastel colours, etcetera. Seeing as the building-block invitations worked so well in enticing people to come to the party, why not create a few more? Place them on the table spelling out various baby shower-related words with the blocks.

You don't have to go all out and purchase a new china service but if you can find them, pink and blue colours are great, especially if you pull them together with a cutlery service that echoes the pastel colours. A white-handled, everyday cutlery service would work quite nicely. As well, pastel colours should be used for your choice of straws, and any beverages that you serve.

My idea for a magical napkin fold will really take the cake for creativity: a bouncing baby diaper napkin fold! Taking a bright blue or pink linen (depending on if it's a boy or a girl), open it up on the table and then fold it into a triangle. Place the dinner plate in the centre of the edge of the napkin. Fold over each side into the middle of the plate and draw up the bottom to create a cute little diaper. Take a safety/diaper pin and run it right through the napkin. Totally in keeping with the theme this napkin fold will become a conversation piece as the day goes on.

Another use for the safety/diaper pin is to create little nametags. Taking tiny block letter beads, readily available at a craft shop, push them onto the pin spelling out each guest's name. You can also make friendship bracelets for each guest, using the same block letters and stringing them along a silk cord.

The flower arrangements don't have to be too complicated. Think about using pastel colours, such as a mauve-coloured vase. Then, place tiny pots of colourful mums inside the vase and display them on your table.