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Episode 420 - Sudden Showers
Contracting a Photographer
Keep your special memories forever...
You're hosting a baby shower, bridal shower, or basically any special occasion? Well, just to make sure that you don't miss a single magic moment, I'd like to suggest hiring a professional photographer, such as Rosemary Goldhar.

When going to hire someone like herself, Rosemary suggests meeting with the photographer first. The most important thing, according to Rosemary, is how good a rapport you will have. Is the photographer passionate about what he/she does, or are you just another pay cheque?

When planning parties for my clients I often hear them say that they don't want a photographer that's going to be "in their face." Rosemary's mandate is that she can't miss those once-in-a-lifetime shots, such as the Bride and Groom cutting the cake. To be safe, she typically takes more than one shot of the same thing. Although a professional photographer will try to be as unobtrusive as possible it is important to give them a chance to do their job effectively.

When thinking about how the special event will go, it is a good idea to make an important photo list, which would indicate the necessary pictures. Typically, someone should also accompany the photographer around the room, assembling people together for the photos. Don't assume that the photographer automatically knows who Aunt Vivian and Uncle George are.

Let's say you were under budget restraints and you can not afford to hire a professional photographer. You can become a pro yourself, starting by purchasing your own camera. With so many different cameras available on the market, it becomes a matter of individual choice. Rosemary has been using the same camera for about 20 years. With a separate flash, it helps avoid getting red eye in photos, which tends to happen when the flash is built-in to the camera.

When deciding how to compose a shot, Rosemary suggests getting really close to your subject in order to cut out a lot of unnecessary background. Then, it is very important to get your subjects to relax and be themselves. Rosemary points out that you should never simply tell them to smile; rather you should talk to them and get them to talk to you.

When a photographer shoots a special event in most instances, he/she will develop proofs. Rosemary develops 5" x 7" sized proofs because they are large enough that you can easily see what you've shot. Contact sheets are cheaper and they also allow you to pick the pictures you want and then blow them up. When selecting your photos for an album it is a good idea to lay them all out on the table and then decide which ones really sum up the event.

Whether you decide to hire a professional photographer, or to become one yourself, don't miss your chance to capture those magic moments.

Special Thanks: Rosemary Goldhar, Rosemary Goldhar Photography, Toronto, ON (416) 485-2071