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Episode 402 - N. Butterfly
Hot Towels
A hot idea...
When in Japan, and when visiting a traditional Japanese home, we are greeted by our host with hand towels. You may wish to try this at home!

  • small white face cloths
  • spray bottle
  • essential oil (we used Jasmine, but feel free to use your favourite!)
  • plastic wrap (zip lock baggies)

Take a face cloth, run it under cold water, wring it out, and then lay it onto a flat surface. Take spray bottle, fill it with water, and then add a few drops of your favourite fragrance. Spray it onto face cloth and then roll it up, nicely and neatly. Then, wrap it up in plastic wrap. Place it into your microwave set on high for 20 seconds. Then, unwrap it and hand it to your guest.

A handy idea, don't you think?