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Episode 402 - N. Butterfly
Far east fun...
Japanese customs are interesting in that the expectations from a Japanese host are a little different than what we're used to in western cultures. Your host will expect you to slurp your soup! Your host will also expect you to thank them often for the wonderful meal. Of course, you'll enjoy your meal with chopsticks - the traditional element to use when enjoying Japanese food. Thanks to a little bit of research and a lot of know-how on the proper ideas for food, music, libations, and decor, you can try my suggestions soon and enjoy Japan!

So fill up your sakazuki with the drink of the Gods, raise it the sky and say "Kampai!" - the traditional Japanese cheer, meaning "to the bottom of the cup!".

From the bottom of my cup to the centre of your table, take these suggestions for your evening in the land of the rising sun!