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Episode 402 - N. Butterfly
Japanese Florals
Like a Japanese garden...
I was up very early this morning - at the exact moment of sunrise, to be exact! And why wouldn't I be? I am busy preparing to throw a party for the land of the rising sun.

Front and center is all about Japanese flower arranging. I think you'll find this to be a fun and exciting way to arrange flowers.

  • 1 square, flat ceramic container
  • small frogs of various sizes (available at your local florist)
  • garden shears and scissors
  • sheet moss, or spanish moss
  • a selection of exotic flowers - such as spider mums, orchids
  • curly willow
  • bear grass
  • polished rocks

Place frogs into square container. Take a bit of moss and place it on top of the frog to conceal it. Take a flower, trim it down, and place it into the spikes of a frog so that it stands up. Take curly willow and add it to the center of the frog. You can arrange the different flowers at varying heights. Feel free to add more flowers to each frog to give a little more detail to each arrangement. For a smaller frog, take some bear grass, trim it off, and place it into frog. Take an orchid (chrysanthemums are also nice, as an option), trim it down and place it in the frog as well. Place some polished rocks into dish. Fill vessel with water and display it wherever you'd like in your home to create a simple and elegant effect.

Don't forget to keep in mind the Japanese look: less is more!