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Episode 402 - N. Butterfly
Japanese Tablescape
Have a kneel...
As I welcome you to my Japanese table, we will begin our trip to the land of the rising sun. You will see that you have no need to pack, as I have made all the arrangements for service that is first class all the way.

I am your host: N. Butterfly. Welcome to my table. When you attempt this, keep in mind that you should keep the guest list small and intimate: a romantic dinner for two, or for four (as I did).

In Japan, you would enjoy this meal in a tatami room. In an attempt to duplicate the authentic Japanese look, I served the meal on a very low table, placing four cushions around it on the floor for each guest to kneel upon.

On the table, I placed wooden placemats, which added a great texture. Next, came the pale green, glazed ceramic Japanese plates. Very small, and square shaped, I placed one on top of each placemat, knowing they would display the attractive pieces of sushi I would be serving quite nicely.

Napkins were a pale green linen, folded into a simple and elegant flat roll. Pointy, Japanese-style chopsticks were placed vertically, on the left side of each guest's dish.

A smaller glazed dish was placed at the top of each place setting for the Soya sauce. Small black bowls were provided to enjoy dipping sauces, wasabi and ginger. As well, a small sake cup was placed to the right of each dish.

As an added touch, I placed a lychee in the centre of each plate. A beautiful, succulent fruit found in the Far East, lychees have a very distinctive and unusual flavour. They also have a pit in the centre of them. Don't forget to warn your guests not to swallow it!

Finally, I placed the floral arrangement that I created earlier on the centre of the table. Then, all there was left to do was to get myself ready for a smooth landing on a cool table!

Table Courtesy: Kiosk Design Inc.; 672 Dupont Street, Toronto, ON (416) 539-9665