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Episode 106 - In The Pink
Floral Arrangements
Think Pink!
To complement the pink theme, Nik works with smaller arrangements of roses and a centrepiece of large hydrangeas blooms. He chose small julep cups and a silver cream and sugar set to use as vessels for his blushing floral arrangements, illustrating the point that just about any favourite container can flatter your flowers.

Pink Rose Arrangements

  • small julep cups, silver cream and sugar set , or your own favourite containers.
  • floral oasis for each container
  • various shades of pink roses, with leaves
  • exacto knife or sharp paring knife
  • garden clippers

  • Place floral oasis in each container and soak with water.
  • Trim thorns from roses with an exacto knife or paring knife.
  • Using gardening clippers, cut roses to a height that rises slightly above the container lip.
  • Blow on any compact rose buds to open slightly, if desired.
  • Balance the shades of pink, gently place the rose stems into the oasis.
  • Add additional colour and texture by slipping rose leaves around the bottom of the arrangement giving it a green 'collar'.
  • Spritz finished arrangement with water

Hydrangeas Centrepiece

  • silver vegetable serving dish (or other large shallow dish)
  • floral oasis
  • 7 stems of large pink hydrangeas
  • garden clippers

  • Soak floral oasis in container - the hydrangea is a thirsty plant!
  • Cut blooms close to the flower leaving a little greenery on the stem.
  • Place blooms into oasis and arrange green collar of leaves around the rim of the dish.
  • Now spritz!