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Episode 106 - In The Pink
One Colour Dining
Everything's Pink!
The way I see it, everyone has two options for creating a monochromatic table: buy all of your china at once or pick up unique, vintage pieces every once in a while. I belong in the second camp. It's really a thrill for me to hunt antique stores and flea markets for pieces that don't necessarily match, but compliment each other. Not that buying everything at once is wrong, it's just that sometimes I crave a challenge.

In setting this all-pink table I combined scallop-edged Limoges china, very old Bell china and accessory pieces which were made not too long ago. Funny enough, I always stumble across something new when I'm looking at old china. I've found wonderful footed presentation plates, oddly-shaped cups and saucers, candy plates, compotes, you name it. Each piece is more beautiful than the next, all of it deserving of a second chance for entertaining enjoyment!