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Episode 513: Road Trip
Trunk Lunch
Pack it in there!
When planning the perfect road trip, imagine yourself travelling along a beautiful country road when, suddenly, your passengers become interested in finding a greasy spoon, a muffin stand, anything to curb their increasing hunger pangs. Well, it's up to you, the driver, to find a picturesque location, pull over and serve a trunk lunch. When you surprise them with this wonderful meal, your passengers will be the best back seat drivers you could hope for.

Ultimately, you can either enjoy this lunch in your seats in the car, or in a nice field off the road. In either case pick up a funky table cover, such as white with black polka dots and spread it out over the lunch area. Then, pick up some vintage suitcases, preferably with travel stickers on them, line the insides with a piece of canvas and use them as lunch boxes.

The idea is to try to use disposable items, such as colourful plastic cutlery, plates and paper napkins. For a quick treatment, tie the cutlery together with inexpensive curly ribbon. As well, you can provide complementary linen napkins (black with white polkadots), so that your guests can spread them on their laps as they sit down to enjoy their lunch.

Onto each plate, place wraps wrapped in plastic to keep them fresh and add a cluster of grapes for a nice presentation. Cold beverages can be placed inside plastic cups. Fresh fruit is important to have when you're out for the day, so add some oranges, apples, bananas and so on. For dessert, present brownies, wrapped in a plastic wrap with a ribbon treatment. As well, add a handful of mints, or fresh-fruit candies to each suitcase.

On top of all the lunch items, place a tiny bouquet of fresh wildflowers wrapped in soaked paper towel and some aluminum foil. It will be the first thing your guests see when they pop open their lunch box and they can also keep it as a souvenir of their wonderful road trip.

Close the suitcases and attach tags to the outside with each guest's name on them. Stack them up in the trunk of the car and you will see that you have left no stone unturned, (or in this case, no suitcase unpacked!) for this beautiful lunch.