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Episode 513: Road Trip
Car Décor
The passengers will love it!
When you're raring to go on your rollicking road trip, don't forget to devote time to decorate the inside of your car. Here are some great ideas for a carload of entertainment for the upcoming excursion.

Looking for luck in all the right places? Hang a groovy dice set from the sun visors. Hoping for happy trails? Add a couple of mini cowboy hat air-fresheners, being careful not to obstruct your sightlines. Because road trips are always so dreamy, suspend some tiny dream catchers from the ceiling of the car using straight pins (many roofs of cars have padding so that the pins can attach to it without causing damage). Because travellers tend to be smiley, happy people, hang smiley-faced air fresheners from the ceiling as well. The windshield is obviously the place where the driver will be keeping his/her eyes focused so, tiny trinkets look great on the dashboard. You can place down all of your favourite stuff such as rabbits feet, tiny statues, stuffed animals, etc.

Don't forget to make a sign out of construction paper, writing the theme of the road trip on it (i.e. "The island or bust"). Display it in the back of the car, and watch how it generates enthusiasm with other cars on the road. It won't be a road trip unless it includes some fun activities, so toss in checkers, backgammon, a deck of cards and some trivia books. Another way to keep your passengers engaged is to allow them to help out with the navigation. Hand out road maps and itineraries at the beginning of the trip so that everybody can ensure that things run smoothly. Although chances are you won't get lost, it's better to be safe with some compasses, one for each guest.

One of the most important things to consider is the comfort of your passengers. Drivers can't take a nap, but you can count on your guests to doze off, so toss in some comfortable pillows covered with vintage pillow slips.

At the tail end of this treatment, we're sure you'll agree that this set of wheels sure is hot!