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Episode 409 - Russian Romance
Infused Vodka
To your health!
We couldn't possibly take you on a trip across the great expanse of Russia without sharing a bit of information on Russia's most famous drink: welcome to the world of vodka!

Vodka, like rye and scotch, is a distilled beverage. However, vodka is not aged and it comes from a combination of grain barley and wheat. Occasionally, it is made with rye. The defining characteristics of vodka are that it is odorless, it is virtually tasteless, and it is also very clear in colour. The clearness of the vodka is the quality, which allows us to add different things to it and to impart a colour to it.

I would like to share with you my secret for taking your favourite Russian vodka and turning it into a frozen vodka surprise! You may add whichever ingredients you desire in order to create this bottle of a wonderful flavoured cocktail. I like to use a combination of different fruits, herbs, and spices. The trick is to select a fruit which will somewhat decompose in the vodka.

  • 4 bottles of vodka
  • raspberries
  • orange
  • cantaloupe, melon, finely sliced
  • cinnamon sticks
  • vanilla beans
  • raspberries
  • peppercorn
  • lemon zest
**Feel free to experiment with other ingredients, such as: orange, or even garlic Some suggestions for tasty combinations: Cinnamon and Melon; Vanilla and Raspberry; Peppercorn and Lemon Zest


Remove the label from a bottle of vodka, so you can clearly see the visual display once the fruits and spices are inside. Open the bottle, displace a few ounces into a small container in order to make space for what will be added. Add various combinations of flavour enhancements. Turn bottle upside-down and then up again to mix ingredients. Transfer into freezer for about 2 weeks, taking it out every once in awhile to shake it up a bit.

Present in a slender pony glass, chilled.

Only one thing left to do: raise your glass and say, "Na Zdoroviye!" - which means "To your Health!"