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Episode 414 - Holiday S.O.S.
Egg Ornaments
An Easter tradition...
Our egg ornaments were pretty easy to do. With respect to colouring eggs, you can prepare them in one of two ways, hard-boil the eggs and then place them into a food colouring. Or, you can prick each end of the egg with a tiny pin, blow out the yolk with a straw and then place the egg in food colouring. Feel free to experiment with different colours. I like to use pastel colours because they really say "Easter" to me.

There are several things you can do with coloured eggs, and I chose to create some egg ornaments. Using a pin, (you can also use a darning needle or a bit of florist wire), I pulled some ribbon from the bottom through the top. When creating your own egg ornaments, feel free to mix and match eggs and ribbons with different pastel colours.

The look is beautiful and you have a wonderful giveaway, something you can hand to your guests as they depart after your beautiful Easter morning breakfast or luncheon.