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Episode 109 - Happiness Is...
Aromatherapy Diffusers
So you've decided to give aromatherapy a try. Just how do you get the scents from these wonderful essential oils diffused throughout your home? My friend Nadine Artemis, co-founder of Osmosis, a shop in Toronto that specializes in aromatherapy products, has a few suggestions:

Much like commercial scent diffusers available in supermarkets, you place a few drops of your favourite essential oil on a tiny pad, place it into the devise and plug it into the wall. You may have to add a few more drops every several hours.

Car Plug-ins
Same principle as above, only this device plugs directly into your car cigarette lighter. I suggest using a scent that's stimulating, like Rosemary or Black Spruce.

Lamp Rings
For the home, place a few drops of oil into the ring and then place the ring over a lamp's light bulb. Add a few drops every few hours.

Great gift ideas, diffusers come in all shapes and sizes. Fill the reservoir with water and add a few drops of oil. Then light the candle beneath and there you go, scent that diffuses throughout your home.

Credit: Nadine Artemis, Osmosis, Toronto, ON (416) 504-7673