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Episode 105 - Sunday Stuff
Eclectic Collectibles: Table Mats
it's a Penny Mat
Table mats are a phenomenon of the 19th and 20th centuries. My friend Joan Sternthal found an interesting take on a table mat during one of her recent buying trips in the northeastern United States. It's called a Penny Mat.

The reason why they're called Penny Mats is because of all of these little circles, each one made by hand and hand-stitched to the next. Often times Penny Mats had borders just as intricate, known as cats tongues or langues du chat if the mats were crafted in Quebec.

According to Joan, Penny Mats are not undervalued, but they are starting to become as sought after as quilts.

Credit: Joan Sternthal Antiques, Toronto, Ontario (416) 410-6501