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Episode 105 - Sunday Stuff
Eclectic Collectibles: Candlewick Glass
Candlewick Glass
When you collect a particular type of glass ware or other vintage piece, it's a building process. I find that most of the fun comes from sunny afternoons spent hunting garage sales and re-sale shops. Yet it doesn't hurt to have someone else's eyes looking out for your interests. My friend Joan Sternthal is a collectibles expert and dealer and she has a pretty good idea of what I like.

Take Candlewick glass as an example. It's a pattern of elegant depression era glass produced in the 1930's by the Imperial Glass Company in Bellaire, Ohio. Candlewick is great for entertaining because of the sheer variety of service pieces available.

Candlewick glassware is recognized by the bead work, usually found at the edges of a plate or on the stem of a cake plate. What sets it apart from other, similar glassware of the era is the quality and clarity of the glass.

Credit: Joan Sternthal Antiques, Toronto, Ontario (416) 410-6501