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Episode 105 - Sunday Stuff
Breakfast In Bed
A platter for someone special!
How often do you hear that someone's been served breakfast in bed? If the answer is "never," maybe it's time to revive this charming and romantic tradition. Where to start? First you need a sturdy tray. It doesn't have to have to be very expensive because you are in charge of making it special.

Pretend you are setting a table for one. A place mat is very important on a tray; it prevents everything from sliding around. The main dish goes in the middle of the tray, surrounded by cutlery. A glass of fresh-squeezed juice goes to the upper left, a cup of coffee or tea to the upper right.

Make the occasion even more special by adding a single, fragrant flower in a favourite small vase. Oh, one last thing. Take special care to make sure your tray has everything required to enjoy your meal. Don't forget condiments, cutlery and refills. Wake up to breakfast in bed, who could resist!