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Episode 112 - Weekend Guests
Company's Coming
Part Four
The Towels
I always get excited when friends or family accept an invitation to send the weekend with me. I look forward to their company and know they'll relax and enjoy the city and my home. There's a simple trick to weekend entertaining: exceed your guests' every expectation! After all, wouldn't you expect the same of them?

In the fourth installment of our Company's Coming series we do towel duty; how many towels per guest and a hint to make their stay even more luxurious.

I generally like to lay towels for my guests on their bed. And I give them a variety from which to choose, bath sheets and bath towels, a hand towel and a face cloth. A new bar of soap placed on top of the towels is a thoughtful touch.

If you are so popular as to have guests hanging their hat at your place often, here's a way to make it even more of an experience. I always keep a couple of thick and thirsty terry cloth robes on hand especially for guests. Invariably they show up at breakfast wearing them. Just keep an eye out for sales.