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Episode 112 - Weekend Guests
Company's Coming
Part Three - The Details
It's the little things...
I always get excited when friends or family accept an invitation to send the weekend with me. I look forward to their company and know they'll relax and enjoy the city and my home. There's a simple trick to weekend entertaining: exceed your guests' every expectation! After all, wouldn't you expect the same of them?

In the third part of our Company's Coming series we learn how the details will have your guests talking about their weekend with you long after it's over.

The Side Table
A beaker of water and a couple of glasses are always welcome. How about a silver plate with chocolate mints or a plate of freshly baked cookies?

Reading Material
Just because you have people in for the weekend does not mean you have to spend every waking moment together. Place some magazines that reflect your guests interests. Antique books also seem to be a favourite. They cost pennies. And many have found their way into suitcases only to return a few weeks later with a thank you note attached.

One Step Further
Candles offer a romantic touch. How about a selection in different scents? And of course you can't forget flowers. Just a few in a simple vase go a long way in creating atmosphere.

Yet Another Step Further
A disposable camera. I'm always after my friends to take lots of photos as reminder of the times we've spent together. Who knows, your guests may even take a snap of their perfect bedroom environment!