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Episode 112 - Weekend Guests
Company's Coming
Part Two - The Closet
Don't forget the closet
I always get excited when friends or family accept an invitation to send the weekend with me. I look forward to their company and know they'll relax and enjoy the city and my home. There's a simple trick to weekend entertaining: exceed your guests' every expectation! After all, wouldn't you expect the same?

In the second part of our Company's Coming series we learn how to make space for your guests' belongings.

I know this may seem difficult, but make sure that your closet has ample room for your guests' clothing. Wooden hangers are a nice touch. I also hang a lavender sachet in the closet just to freshen things up a bit.

Now it may be just me, but whenever I travel I arrive at my destination only to find my clothing totally wrinkled. My suggestion: place an iron in the closet in case your guests need to press their clothing.

My friends tease me for being a perfectionist. I actually go so far as to place a shoeshine box including polishes, brushes, laces, even a chamois in the closet. It's something my guests almost always use. I also add mens and ladies shoe trees because I figure when entertaining, if the shoe fits, wear it!