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Episode 112 - Weekend Guests
Company's Coming
Part One - The Bedroom
I always get excited when friends or family accept an invitation to spend the weekend with me. I look forward to their company and know they'll relax and enjoy the city and my home. There's a simple trick to weekend entertaining: exceed your guests' every expectation! After all, wouldn't you expect the same?

Thus begins our Company's Coming special series. Today we'll get into preparing the bed. Next week, it's making room for your guests clothing. The following week we'll talk about details which will have guests coming back again and again. Then it's on to towels, soaps and finally what I like to call the Savoir Faire Bathroom Survival Kit. Ready? Let's go!

Sweet Dreams
Making the bed is a cinch. I use a fitted sheet for the mattress and a tailored top sheet, placing it on the bed pattern-side down. To make a hospital corner, make sure you have an equal amount of sheet both at the foot and the side of the bed. Pull up the side of the sheet which runs back from the corner. Now fold it down and tuck it between the mattress and box spring. Then, tuck in the sheet at the foot of the bed. Voila! Nice and taut.

Whether you use a matching duvet or blanket, place it on top of the flat sheet, leaving about a foot exposed at the head of the bed. Fold the sheet back over the duvet to reveal the sheet's pattern or emphasize a nice crisp look.

Next, pillows. I usually place four pillows on a double, queen or king size bed: two feather and two foam, in case a guest has an allergy. Then I toss on a nice pillow sham. You may wish to add a small linen covered pillow into which has been slipped a sachet of pine and cedar chips. Final step, a wool or cotton throw, which will make your guest's bed most inviting.