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Episode 111 - Everywhere, flowers!
Floral Accessories
Floral Accessories
Here are the top five accessories everyone should have on hand to make an expert flower arrangement:
  1. Clippers - A sturdy pair for cutting any and all thick and woody stems such as those on Hydrangeas.
  2. Scissors - A nice, sharp pair used just for creating arrangements, to cut smaller stems, leaves and floral tape.
  3. Paring knife - Works best to cut floral oasis to the size of your container. Also great for stripping thorns from rose stems.
  4. Floral tape - Available from almost any florist, this waterproof tape helps to create a grid on a vase with a large opening.
  5. Floral oasis - It's sponge like texture allows oasis to absorb water like a, well, sponge. It can be dried and used again and again, cut for containers of any shape