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Episode 111 - Everywhere, flowers!
Flowers as Gifts: Hyacinth Planter
Hyacinth Planter
Nik's workshop is blooming with ideas for creative ways to give flowers that will bring sunshine into the homes and gardens of friends and family. In this segment he creates two planters - one that brings a hint of spring indoors with crimson hyacinth bulbs and another summery outdoor planter with cheerful sunflowers.

  • suitable container of your choice that can serve as a planter.
  • rich, dark potting soil
  • 3 - 6 hyacinth bulbs, or more if you choose
  • enough spongy sheet moss to cover top of container
  • cellophane wrap
  • ribbon

  • Add soil to container, filling half way to top.
  • Distribute soil well and loosen to allow the bulbs to root.
  • Place bulbs in a pattern in the soil with their 'sprout' side up.
  • Add another layer of soil but do not completely cover bulbs, leave sprout tips exposed.
  • Rip sheet moss into pieces that will cover top of soil but keep bulb tips exposed.
  • Place container on clean work surface.
  • Wrap with cello and tie with a large simple bow.
  • Do not wrap this arrangement too far in advance as condensation may form inside the cello wrapping.