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Episode 111 - Everywhere, flowers!
How To Sugar Flowers
What's this?
The magnificence of flowers is not limited to their fragrance and visual beauty Edible blooms are an absolute delight to the palette and they make a glorious addition to salads and desserts. Here Nik shares the technique for making candied flowers - a stunning decoration for his favourite cheesecake.

Ingredients  quantities may vary according to your design and cake
  • edible flowers of your choice (pansies, snap dragons, violets, nasturtiums, daisies,
  • cosmos, marigolds)
  • egg whites
  • very fine sugar
  • artists paint brush - new!

  • Whip egg whites until frothy but not stiff.
  • Hold flower on back side at base of stem .
  • Dip cleaned artists paint brush in egg white and gently brush gently face of flower
  • Dip flower face down into fine sugar
  • Allow the flowers to dry, face up on a plate.
  • Arrange simply by placing them on the cake where desired.
  • Stand back and marvel!