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Episode 6084: Call it Love!
Top Three Gifts
By the dozen!
It all begins with a four-letter word, "L-o-v-e", a sentiment straight from the heart. In thinking about how to express love, we hit the streets to ask people (women, mostly) what are the top three gifts they like to receive on Valentine's Day. The sure-fire winners remain, in this order: flowers, chocolate and champagne. So here are some tips on what to look for, when shopping for the l-o-v-e of your life.

There’s absolutely nothing like an assortment of fresh flowers to get the love in motion. Seeing as it’s the number one item on our list of what people want, I’m going to suggest that you really go crazy in your assembly. A dozen beautiful, red roses are always attractive and well received, but you do have to think about what the recipient loves. Is it about the colour or the fragrance? Then, maybe lilies are your answer. Perhaps you’re looking at something that’s only available during a certain time of year. If it’s springtime, it may be a beautiful bouquet of fresh peonies. Fill out a card, writing your sentiments on it, such as, “This is our first date; maybe it’s the start of something very lasting”, or, “It’s been 25 years, honey, and I love you as much as I did the day we were married”.

According to the word on the street, choice number two to receive on a date is chocolate. Known to be a natural aphrodisiac, adding chocolate to your date is almost a guarantee of some sweetness. For a first date, variety is the best way to go, because, at that point, you probably won’t know what he/she likes. Don’t forget that a big part of the attraction of chocolate is the packaging. Whether you decide to go with a delicate, adorable two-piece box, or the great big, heart-shaped one, your date is sure to feel special.

The third most popular choice for a gift that people like to receive on Valentine’s day is liquor. A bottle of wine is usually nice, but how do you tie it in to the person you are going to see? Perhaps you’ve been talking about taking a trip to France? Well, then a French wine would be perfect. Maybe you’re cooking an Italian dinner for two, in which case you would head to the Italy section. Price is another consideration, and a more expensive bottle of wine would be something that might not be opened for years to come, whereas something medium-priced could be enjoyed immediately. For something not so traditional, how about a nice, imported beer? Remember that any of these suggestions can be savoured with cheese, crackers and pâté.

A couple of final ideas: don’t go to the door with your bottle wrapped in a brown paper bag. Instead, look to the experts for attractive wrapping ideas. Whether your love is blooming like a fresh flower arrangement, or maturing like a fine wine, these ideas for the ultimate gifts for a 1st, 2nd, or 100th date all work.