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Episode 6084: Call it Love!
Table for Two
Dinner by candle light
One of my favourite Cole Porter songs ends with some classic words: "It's delightful. It's delovely. It's delicious." Well, you will find all three of these elements come together perfectly when setting this romantic table for two. Don't fret if you don't have all of the supplies, dishes and what have you, just do your best. It's the thought that counts!

First of all, I recommend using a small table, such as a 36-inch round, so that people can sit up close and personal; easy for hand-holding, maybe a bit of smooching. Cover it with a long, red tablecloth, allowing it to puddle on the floor, creating a hanging and shimmering look. Crinoline makes a very nice table skirt, and you can either use white as we've done, or red for a more monochromatic approach. Pinning a satin border to it is a nice enhancement. You can also run some red ribbon through some inexpensive fabric hearts, then gather the crinoline, and pull the ribbon through it, join the two ends together, tie it up, and you have a fun and heartfelt tribute for your table.

Try to use chairs with removable cushions, and attach a piece of red fabric to each of them with some safety pins. This way you’re able to change the look without too much effort or cost. For dishware, anything clear will work for our treatment, which involves inverting the plates on the table, and applying transfer hearts to them. Peel the transfer paper away, lay it down on your plate, give it a rub, and remove it. Then turn your plates over and you’re left with a wonderful tribute. Feel free to add the heart transfers to the glasses on the table, as well.

Speaking of glassware, how about some cranberry coloured champagne flutes? Join them together with some ribbon so that when you and your lover move about, you can still be connected. Break off the buds of red roses and sprinkle them everywhere. Add a single rose tribute at both place settings.

Finally, how about a heart-shaped flower tribute? Paint a container red, add soaked oasis covered in sheet moss. Then, trim some roses, and stick them into the oasis, from the bottom to the top, increasing the length of the flower to create a heart shape. Don’t forget the candles so you can see how much love is in the air!