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Episode 6084: Call it Love!
Popping the Question
I do!
Okay, guys, there's going to come a day when you get ready to propose to your beloved, and we've come up with five great ways of doing so. Each takes very little preparation, but be ready for a huge impact!

Let’s begin with the prospect of things getting a little emotional. Tears of happiness and surprise are likely to flow, so, with that in mind, why not pick up a nice antique handkerchief, place the diamond ring directly into it, hand it to her, and say, “I think you’re going to need this”.

You could also take something celebratory, such as a glass of champagne, and place the engagement ring into it. Fill the flute right up to the top with bubbly, then you can hand it to her, mid-conversation, and tell her how much you love her. When she gets down to that last little sip, hopefully, she will notice the ring, and be choking only on her tears of happiness!

How about choosing a great restaurant to take her to for dinner and getting in cahoots with the management. Have them prepare a fabulous dessert and then you could either decorate the dessert plate with rose petals, and write words such as “love”, or “be mine”, with melted chocolate. Place the engagement ring front and centre. Trust me, she’ll think you’re quite the guy for proposing in such a sweet way.

Roses or fresh florals are also a nice thing. Any intended would love to receive a bouquet of any kind of course, but it’s only upon close examination that she will realize that there’s a special tribute in the bunch, which happens to be the diamond ring tied to a bud.

A great way to literally “pop the question” is to take a red balloon and drop the ring right in there. Blow it up, tie it with a bit of satin ribbon then present it to her, shaking it up a bit. Hand her a pin, tell her to pop it and pop your question at the same time!