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Episode 6084: Call it Love!
Diamond Shopping
Now that is rich
In "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes", Marilyn Monroe said it perfectly: "The French are known for making love. They believe in fighting duels. But I prefer a man who lives and gives expensive jewels." To help you pick the right diamond for your girl, we visited Myles Mindham, who creates one-of-a-kind rings, and Sylvia Divinec, whose specialty is all rings vintage. Each has their suggestions for finding the perfect ring for your special someone.

Choosing A New Diamond
One of the hardest substances around, a diamond is a great symbol of love. With the wide range of costs for this precious stone, budget is something to think about when buying an engagement ring. From there, you should decide upon a shape, and there are many from which to choose. The absolute classic is the round, or brilliant cut diamond. There are also the square and emerald cuts, marquis, as well as pear-shaped.

Setting is the next thing to decide upon, and, again, there are many options, such as the popular trilogy, which is a set of three stones, and could be considered to be symbolic of the couple coming together to create something greater than they are. Finally, choose the type of metal for the setting and the band, such as platinum, which is very popular, as there is longevity associated with it that is appealing.

Once you have the ring, there are some rules of engagement. First of all, don’t show the ring to anyone except her father if you intend to go the traditional route and ask for her hand in marriage. And finally, of course the moment you propose will be memorized in her mind forever so be sure to put some thought into it and come up with something fun, original, and romantic.

Going Vintage
There are many aspects that make a vintage engagement ring appealing. Older rings have such great style and workmanship that their individuality is undeniable. The combination of stones, such as rubies with diamonds is often unusual. For example the mine-cut diamond has a perfectly flat back with facets at the front. Also, the stone could have come from a time when candlelight was the main form of lighting. It would have been cut in order to obtain the most refraction of light, which is why vintage jewelry often has such a wonderful sparkle to it.

An important consideration when deciding to go vintage is to make sure you inspect the settings and that the prongs are in perfect shape. It is a good idea to find a jeweler you can trust, because it's a purchase that will be used forever!