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Episode 6083: Ultimate Holiday
The Perfect Tree
The center piece of the holidays
You know the holidays are right around the corner when you see fresh bows and smell wonderful wreaths at local Christmas tree lots. Talking about trees, we've got some expert advice for picking the best one the first time, courtesy of Duncan Fanning of Up Country Garden in Toronto.

Depending on where it will be placed, whether it’s in a tall, loft-like space, a grand entranceway, or a corner of the living room, or table top, choose your tree’s height accordingly. Give the tree a spin, to make sure that all of the sides are full and perfect.

There are many types of trees, such as white pine, Scotch pine, and balsam fir. Fraser fir is the most fragrant and the one that most likely to last the longest. You can usually tell a Fraser fir by the blue undertone in the needles. Very soft, with sturdy branches, this type of tree is the best if you’re planning on hanging a lot of ornaments and lights.

Everybody thinks that the closer it is to Christmas, the fresher the tree will be, which is not always the case. Duncan suggests that you make sure the tree gets a fresh cut before you take it home, and give it lots of water. The first 24 hours is crucial and may require 3 or 4 fillings in your Christmas tree stand on the first evening, that's how much water they drink. Duncan also recommends mixing in a bit of sugar or some type of soda pop; it helps the water flow quicker.

A little work will help your tree standing green and proud will past the season!