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Episode 509: The Hills are Alive
CD Trivia Game
Time for some Trivia!

If you're a movie buff like most people (myself included), you like to talk about your favourite scenes from your favourite films. Unfortunately, sharing thoughts about the movie often takes place while it's actually playing. No one wants to curb anybody's enthusiasm, but no one wants to miss the show either. Here is a fun trivia game that is incentive enough to wait until you see "The End".


  • vellum paper
  • laser printer (or markers)
  • used CD


Using a laser printer, print various questions on a piece of vellum paper.

With a marker, write "Movie Craze" on a used CD.

Roll up the vellum paper tightly and slip it through the centre of the CD.

Give your guests something to look forward to by displaying it off to the side until the end of the film.

Finally, pull it out and have a question-answer session with your guests.

Before you know it, everybody will be a happy movie buff.