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Episode 509: The Hills are Alive
Movie Trivia Game
Let's have some fun!

Looking for a fun project that involves trivial matters? Why not create a movie trivia game. This project involves dividing questions up into different categories, such as costumes, props, trivia, etc. Remember that it's all about the details!


  • small clear plastic boxes (available at package stores)
  • transfer letters
  • burnishing tool
  • paper
  • shredded paper (we used red)
  • complementary ribbon


Assemble boxes.

Using a burnishing tool, label boxes with transfer letters.

Place a piece of paper in the bottom of each box and add shredded paper.

Print questions onto a piece of paper, roll it up and secure it with a ribbon.

Place question into the box that's related to the question.

Put down fun, representative items in front of each box (i.e. a Sheriff's badge in front of the "Trivia" box, to ensure that everyone is honest about their answers).

Assemble boxes off to the side, wait until the end of the film, then start up a game of questions and answers.