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Episode 509: The Hills are Alive
Movie Accessories
Doh a Deer...

Okay movie buffs; let's start at the very beginning. If you haven't guessed, our inspiration for Movie Night is "The Sound of Music". When selecting a musical as a theme for a party, it can be a lot of fun gathering together the right accessories.

Many of you have probably already seen Julie Andrews playing the role of a young governess in charge of seven rambunctious kids. Do you remember the scene where they spent the entire day traipsing about the side streets of Salzburg on bicycles? Well, finding a red bike on your quest for party props can help set the foundation for a great atmosphere in your television room.

When "The Sound of Music" was released back in 1965, you would have received an actual program at the theatre, even though it was a film. If you can find a way to obtain one of these, you will see that it makes for the perfect reference for everything that has to do with the movie. Glance through it to find ideas on decor, props, the stars or the music score. As added incentive, try to find a recording of the score from either the film or the Broadway version of it on disk or classic vinyl. Get yourself into the right frame of mind by playing it in the background as you set up.

Another thing to consider is to take elements from the film itself. Regarding flowers, you might want to think about something like Edelweiss. Remember the scene where Maria uses curtains to make the kids' play clothes? Why not find a similar fabric, such as a green toile and use it to make table covers or side pillows? How about searching for an Austrian-style Mountaineer's hat, reminiscent of the scene where Captain Von Trapp plays "Edelweiss" at the Salzburg festival? You might want to consider visiting a costume store, or if you're handy with a sewing machine, you can dress your guests up in all kinds of clothing from the film, from nuns' habits to liederhosen. Last but not least, don't forget to incorporate a guitar.

Most importantly, in case you get caught up in all the exciting preparation (and if you don't already own your own copy of the film) don't forget to reserve it and pick it up from your local video store. You don't want to find yourselves all dressed up with nothing to watch!