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Episode 505: A Night at the Opera
Opera Invitations
Give the Night a Theme
When hosting a post-Opera dessert reception, it is a good idea to send out some enticing, thematic invitations. Here are some ideas for beautiful invitations that derive their inspiration from various Operas.

Clockwise from the left, our first invitation is the official one for our Night at the Opera.

The "Carmen" Invitation


  • parchment paper (available at any paper store)
  • magic markers
  • scissors
  • candle
  • matches
  • black lace
  • hole punch
  • red ribbon
  • paper rose


On a piece of parchment paper, detail all of the important information for the party, such as date, time, and what you'd like people to wear (i.e. costumes). Detail a red rose in homage to Carmen (who throws a rose at Don Jose, her intended).

Crunch the paper into a ball and unwrap it again carefully.

Using scissors, cut around the edges to give it a rough look.

Light a candle, and slowly bring the edges of the invitation to the flame. As soon as the corner of the invitation starts to burn, blow it out right away. Hold your invitation above the flame and allow it to turn a bit brown, being careful not to let it catch on fire.

Lay black lace over top of the paper and cut it to the form of the invitation.

Add two holes at the top and thread ribbon through the invitation and lace overlay.

Run a paper rose in and out of the lace.

The result is an unusual and unique invitation.

Continuing clockwise from the left, the next inspiration comes from an all-time favourite opera,

"The Marriage of Figaro"


  • blank certificate
  • black marker
  • sealing wax
  • blue ribbon
  • candle
  • seal (the letter "M", for "Marriage")
  • two plastic gold wedding bands
  • confetti


Detail the title of the opera on top of the certificate. Add the rest of the party details (i.e. "Susannah and Figaro are getting married…"). Forge their signatures at the bottom of the page.

Fold ribbon at bottom of certificate. Dip sealing wax in candle, and hold it over the ribbon, allowing it to drip onto it. Press into wax with your seal.

Add wedding bands and a dusting of confetti to the envelope.

The last invitation for a night of music is inspired from the overture to:

"The Barber of Seville"


  • score paper
  • black marker


On score paper, detail different notes on staffs.

List all of the party details under the notes, so your musically-inclined friends can sing along to "I'm having a dessert reception, and you're invited…".

Use the same musical theme on the envelopes.

With all of these options for invitations going out to your friends you're guaranteed to have a full house!