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Episode 502: That's my Cookie!
Cookie Exchange Party
Take Your Pick!
The great thing about hosting a cookie exchange party is that you can call on your friends to help. As your home fills with wonderful aromas of these baking delights, you can set up a beautiful table to present them on.

Keeping in mind that the focal point of your table should be the cookies, cover the table in light-coloured muslin.

Place down an assortment of cake stands. Vintage stands work really well. If you are a collector of cake stands, this is a perfect occasion for you to pull them out and use them. You can also find inexpensive alternatives if you like; nowadays, cake stands are being reproduced by almost everyone.

Merchandise tags are great to have on hand, as you can write the names of each type of cookie on them. Place tags into cardholders, and place them down in front of the corresponding cake stand. We found cute holders that resembled ice cubes, with a wire and a tiny clip. As an option, you can also place a recipe card in each holder, giving each guest an opportunity to know how to become a cookie pro.

Glass plates are perfect to place down, as well as water glasses for milk, because who eats a cookie without milk? Place down a couple of glass pitchers, for both regular and chocolate milk.

A soft, pastel flower arrangement or simple Gerberas work well, in keeping your attention drawn to the cookies, the star of the show!

A fun idea might be to do a cookie tasting competition. Place down award ribbons for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place. When it comes time to decide whose cookies are the best, we suspect they will all win first prize!

Not only will the cookies be enjoyed at the party, but it is also important to ensure that you send some home with your guests. Select inexpensive wicker baskets, line them with a vintage napkin or a piece of linen, and then place your cookies within. Wrap the basket with clear cellophane, do a treatment with a complementary bow and the cookies are safe to travel home.