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Episode 507: Nifty Fifty
Giveaway 1
A taste to remember!

In remembrance of a fiftieth anniversary, you'll want to send your guests home with something that is tasteful and will also leave them with a sense of celebration. Why not give away individually wrapped souvenir cakes?

The first thing to do is to find an old photograph of the anniversary couple and their wedding cake. Next, hire a cake expert to create miniature imitations of the cake for each guest.

Line a durable, colourful box with a nice piece of paper and some excelsior. Create a dent in the excelsior, place the cake inside, place the lid on top and finish off the box with a complementary ribbon treatment. On a card, write something like "Thanks for celebrating our anniversary with us. Here's something so that you can have our cake and eat it too."

The important thing to remember with a project involving perishables such as this one, is to hold off on the assembly of each gift until right before the party. This way you can be sure that your guests' memory of the anniversary couple's wedding cake won't be a stale one.