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Episode 507: Nifty Fifty
Balloon Invitation
Get in the Spirit

When preparing for a big deal birthday bash such as someone's 50th, it is important to try and set the tone for the party right from the first stages of planning. Creating and sending out balloon invitations will get your guests into the spirit of celebration well before the party.

For each invitation, use a nice piece of black paper and create a couple of slits in it about ½" apart. Affix a silver balloon to the paper, pulling it through the two slits. For my sister Milisa's 50th we wrote "Blow this Up and Show Up to Milisa's 50th Birthday Party." Place the invitation into a black envelope, add some confetti sticker details and pop it in the mail.

Simple, quick, and whimsical, the balloon invitation pretty much guarantees that there won't be any regrets from the guest list.