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Episode 506: Sister Act
Gordana's Bubble Treatment
Still a lot of wall to go

Ever notice that your blank bathroom walls are a bit boring? Considering the fact that you and your family probably frequent this location a lot you might want to do something to liven it up a bit. My sister Dana has a great idea for a treatment, guaranteed to make those walls bubble over with fun.


  • firm paintbrush
  • various-coloured paints (we used pink and white, but feel free to use your favourites)
  • iridescent paint
  • tiny disposable cups


Pour the paint into cups.

Starting with the pink paint, begin to create circles of various sizes on the wall. Continue until you achieve the number that you want.

Use iridescent paint to create the sheen part of the bubble. If it doesn't show up well, you can go over it again once it's dry.

Using white paint, create shadows on the bubbles by imagining where the light source would shine on them.

Complete the look by adding some bursting bubbles by painting tiny lines, which shoot outward.

This faux bubble treatment looks great when framed around shampoos, conditioners, or anything in the corner of your bathroom. Keep in mind that the look can also work well in your laundry room.

As an option, if you don't want to do such a drastic change to your wall, you can paint onto your light switch plates. Using a variety of colours, paint various things on them, such as fish, balloons, happy faces, or flowers. Anything goes!