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Episode 506: Sister Act
Milisa Uses Your Finest
Time to paint!

Whenever the Manojlovichs head for home, one of the places we tend to end up is our sister Milisa's, which is always a treat because she brings out her beautiful service pieces. Milisa tries to make everyday special by using her crystal and silverware instead of keeping it stored out of sight. Wedding gifts, shower gifts, family heirlooms, they all often come in the form of service pieces. Sadly, they often end up left in their boxes. Consider this Milisa's wake-up call to you regarding your beautiful treasures: Get them out of the basement, attic or closet. It's time to get creative!

First of all, what do you do with a traditional coffee service, especially when you don't often have guests over? Rather than storing it away, try to think of other ways in which it might be useful. Do you have a child who's feeling a bit under the weather and is home from school for the day? Why not try and make things special for him or her? Put some crayons in the cream container; paint brushes in the coffee canister, and markers in the sugar container. Present them on the silver tray along with a paint set and some coloured paper. On another day how about making yourself feel special? Place flowers into the canister and position it on your dining room table.

Perhaps one of your relatives is an avid collector of antiques like our Aunt Mary, who is always giving us interesting silver pieces. Take Milisa's suggestion and use that silver dish they gave you as a butter server or as a soap dish in the guest bathroom. Ever receive a beautiful sterling silver container like the one we got from our Mom? Why not use it to present condiments such as grated Parmesan cheese, alongside a scrumptious spaghetti dinner?

Crystal is a favourite of Milisa's. A rectangular-shaped crystal dish can be used to present pickles or pot-pourri, sugar cubes or chocolates. A tiny silver pitcher can be used for syrup or for milk. A circular crystal dish can be used for soaps, butter, as a candleholder or a coaster.

Regardless of the piece, the idea is that anything goes and that anything you envision will probably work. Don't forget that you can always use something for the purpose it was intended. Whatever you do, just make sure you use it.