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Episode 504: Brazil Nut
Brazil Table
Like Sitting at a Carnaval
In my role as tour guide for your trip to Brazil I initially thought of doing a Carnaval-inspired table. However, after a bit of research about that country's beautiful coastline and the dense vegetation, I decided rather to incorporate the water and jungle motifs.

For a foundation for your Brazil table, cover it with a piece of pale blue muslin. What's great about this fabric is that it's readily available, inexpensive, and it doesn't need to be hemmed. The look is meant to be very soft.

Two centrepieces should do the trick. Place one at each end of the table. Stain a couple of terracotta pots a dark brown colour. Wrap an Accordion palm around each one, securing it with raffia. Add three cubes of oasis to each pot, and then stick two Monstera leaves into it.

To continue with the water theme, pick up some bamboo sticks (ours had some funky fish at the ends) and anchor them into the oasis along with the Monstera leaves. With different heights and sizes, you can create a really colourful, nifty look of fish swimming on both sides of the table.

Tiny glass containers are wonderful for many purposes. They are great to have on hand for dips at an hors d'oeuvre reception or as a finger bowl in a pinch. In this case, add a votive candle to each container and scatter them impromptu about the table.

The incorporation of a large platter of fresh fruit into your design will really bring something important about this culture to the table. Brazilians are known for their appreciation of tropical fruit because it grows in such abundance all over the countryside. Add plantains, mango, dragon fruit, etcetera. It will end up being an interesting and tasty addition to your Brazilian table.