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Episode 501: Reunited!
Backyard Tenting
A Big Tent for a Big Family

When planning an outdoor party in the backyard, it is important to think about tenting. Adam Ritchie, of Yukon Events, is happy to share some tips on how to select and pitch a tent for this type of occasion.

According to Adam, the average size of a tent is about forty feet by forty feet. The largest tent that his company, Yukon Events, can provide is about one hundred feet wide, and can accommodate thousands of people. For smaller events, the tiniest tent is about ten by ten feet.

Unfortunately, the weather is not always as ideal as it was for our reunion. In case Mother Nature decides not to cooperate, there are several options you may wish to keep in mind. To start, you can put a floor down over the grass, which will guarantee that water doesn't come into the tent and cause a premature end to the party. You can also rent a tent with sides. This way you can completely wall in and protect everyone inside the tent, while still leaving openings in key places to allow guests to come and go. Furthermore, Adam's company is capable of providing lighting and heating for the tent.

In terms of tent colour, white is currently the most "in demand", whereas years ago, traditional stripes were the most popular. These days, there are several options to choose from, including solid white, private walls, clear walls, or even designer walls which have patterned windows in them.

So, if you ever choose to take your party outdoors, talk to a tenting professional such as Adam, who can really change the way you stage your party. You will feel fully confident that you are 'covered' for any event, whatever the weather.

Special Thanks: Adam Ritchie, Yukon Events, Thornhill, ON (905) 764-0776