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Episode 507: Nifty Fifty
Coin Collecting
Put it on Display...

Looking for the perfect gift for an anniversary couple or birthday boy or girl? Why not give them a set of stamps or coins? Better still; give them a set of stamps or coins they can display in a handmade case.


  • 4 pieces of glass (*you can also use Lucite with small clamps)
  • silicon glue
  • screws


Attach two pieces of glass together to create a bookend. Create two identical ones.

Drill holes in each corner.

Attach coins to the surface of one glass bookend using silicon glue (*A suggestion: go all heads-up or tails down)

Attach the other glass bookend to the first, screwing the four corners together.

This lasting keepsake is the perfect gift for people celebrating a 50th, and it has our stamp of approval…to coin the phrase.