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Episode 507: Nifty Fifty
50th Anniversary Table
Can you picture anything more perfect?

When it comes to entertaining, special occasions such as fiftieth birthdays or anniversaries require some extra-special attention. For your milestone anniversary table, we recommend going all out to make it shine.

Line the table with a standard white buffet cloth. Cover it with a shimmery off-white piece of organza. For some nice detail, lift each corner of the tablecloth and attach it, along with silver and gold mini-candles to each corner of the table using ribbons and pins. Enhance the look by scattering additional silver and gold candles, sparklers and gold ribbons around the table top.

Glass plates are perfect for this type of reception, as anything you serve at your buffet station will look great on them. Stack them at one end of the table. At the other end place a silver ice bucket and some champagne flutes. You can't forget the bubbly on special occasions such as this!

It is always nice to recognize the people you're honouring, whether it's vintage shots of a couple that is now celebrating a 50th anniversary or pictures of a baby who is now turning the big 5-0. Placing such photos on the table is a perfect idea and will provoke many interesting conversations as people make their way down the buffet. As well, place down some disposable cameras so that your guests can take impromptu pictures throughout the evening.

To complete the look of your table a fun treatment involves boxes and balloons. Wrap merchandise boxes in gold and silver paper, detail with curling ribbon then create a gift backdrop along the side of your buffet station. Attach silver and gold balloons to each box with curling ribbon. The great thing about balloons is that they are less expensive than flowers and your guests can still take them home and enjoy them.

With everything in place, you will see that your table looks absolutely perfect. Better still, it's Nifty Fifty.