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Episode 506: Sister Act
Birthday File
Let me check your file...

Forget someone's birthday and feel like a dope? Don't you worry, because Savoir Faire has the perfect solution: the Birthday and Anniversary Card Organizer. This simple system will ensure that you never forget another special occasion again.

Head to a stationery or business supply store and pick up an accordion file folder. Attach a tab to a file for each month of the year, plus an additional tab for Birthday Cards, Anniversary Cards and Miscellaneous Special-Occasion Cards. Next, either make your own cards or head to your favourite card store and buy a whole whack of them. The idea is to do everybody's cards at once.

Once the cards are written, write the birth dates on the back (i.e. "Open June 22"), which will tell you where to file them in your magic system. On the first of every month, take those cards out and drop them in the mailbox. By following this system, we guarantee that you will leave all of your loved ones elated, instead of you, belated.