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Episode 503: Orange You Glad?
Orange Table
Vibrant and fun!

Believe it or not, there are times when I simply stare at my dining room table, trying to figure out how to make it look great. When dealing with the colour orange, it wasn't difficult to come up with some nifty ideas for an Orange You Glad brunch.

Start your orange table by making your own tablecloth, using remnant pieces of orange cloth. Take the pieces to a sewer and ask him/her to create multiples of three different sizes of disks. Ultimately, the idea is to cover the entire table with them. Be careful not to place them too close to the edge or they will fall off. The tiny-sized disks are perfect as coasters to be placed under your guests' beverage glasses.

The nice thing about these orange disks is that they have uses outside of your orange brunch. For example, the medium-sized disks would be perfect for lining a bar tray or a circular table that needs protecting.

Vintage shops are a good place to start your search for china. One type of china that always speaks to us whenever we're doing a colour theme is Fiestaware. Between the 1930's to the 1950's, this was very much in vogue for their colours: orange, turquoise, black, and yellow; you name the colour, Fiestaware has it. Place down these vibrant dinner plates and you will immediately see that your table is turning into a celebration of whatever colour you choose.

A visit to a local kitchen store may find you, like us, buying a complete set of orange-handled cutlery. Totally kitsch, we think that it is essential to have it on your orange brunch table.

For glassware, place down clear juice glasses. Add a couple of pitchers to the table to be filled with…can you guess? Orange juice, of course!

Additional enhancements can involve filling tiny glass vases with water, a lemon leaf, and some stephanotis blooms. Usually seen in bridal bouquets or in gentlemen's boutonnieres, stephanotis is a very fragrant flower. Complement the vase with green leaf bowls to create a great look.

You may wish to use orange linen napkins. Fold them in half, roll them up and wrap the napkin with a trimming from an ivy plant. As a final touch, tuck a stephanotis bloom into the ivy. Place a napkin on each guest's side plate.

Instead of fresh flowers for the table, how about stacks of oranges? Place four oranges down on your table in the form of a square, positioning leaves under them to prevent them from rolling around. Add another orange on top, along with a few stephanotis blooms. Create three separate arrangements along the centre of your table.

Any or all of these elements are guaranteed to make your orange brunch table vibrant, inviting and fun!