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Episode 512: Space Boy
Space Table
It's a science project!

So, my fellow space travellers, are you ready to blast off with some far-out ideas for your space table? Let's try to make your party launch pad out-of-this-world.

To get the kids really excited, your space table should look like it's straight from the space age. You can start by cutting some inexpensive, metallic fabric into a table cloth and covering the table with it. However, if you have the means to go all out, you can achieve a really cool look by placing a Lucite overlay on top of the table. Plug it into a battery pack, and watch the magic table light up.

Cover your chairs with spandex material. Being stretchy, black spandex works really well and you can pull it down onto the legs of the chairs and change their whole look. Using a different colour spandex, such as space age silver, cut out smaller pieces into rings which will fit over the back of each chair.

A perfect centrepiece for your table is something of the fibre optic variety. With its lights changing colours, it really speaks to outerspace. As well, place tiny mirror disks around the centrepiece. They add a great look, and you can tell the kids that they can place their hands on them and call the mother ship and she'll send some more birthday cake.

Silver paper cups and plates work perfectly and they save you having to do the dishes. At each place setting, provide a large plate for planetary pizza and a small plate for birthday cake. Use paper napkins and attach star stickers onto them. For cutlery, plastic will work, but if you can find some space age style utensils, such as our stainless steel with black handles, they will work really well too.

Added enhancements could involve doing a treatment on inexpensive rose bowls. Simply add some various coloured crumpled up metallic paper, which you can pick up at a card or craft store and stuff it into the bowls. Invert the bowls and place them around the table so that they look like magical orbs. Space-style confetti, such as stars, look great scattered around the table. Stick glow sticks in the back of each kid's chair and they can take them home in their loot bag at the end of the night. Finally, hang a magical mirror ball from the ceiling above the table to create a sparkling touch.

The most important thing when creating this look is to have fun with it; after all, that is the goal for your kid's space party. By the time everything is in place, you will be certain that you've arrived in outerspace!