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Episode 511: Midsummer Night's Dream
Midsummer Canopy
I think we've got things covered...
When planning a backyard fête, a quick trip to the hardware store can ensure that you've got everything covered, especially your table. For that enchanting evening look, a midsummer canopy is the way to go.

  • 10' by 10' piece of canvas
  • 4 long cedar posts
  • 4 buckets
  • cement
  • twine
  • pegs
  • crystal chandelier fobs
  • fishing line
  • white sand
  • starfish
  • shells
  • faux pearls


Stick a cedar post into each bucket and fill it with cement.

Attach canvas to tops of posts using twine.

Stretch long pieces of twine from each post down to pegs in the ground to secure it well.

Attach fishing line to chandelier fobs and hang them from the canvas.

Top off each bucket with white sand, shells, starfish and some faux pearls.

With its combination of sparkling crystals and sea motif, your canopy will create a look your guests won't soon forget. Even better, your canopy is portable, so when the party's over tuck it away in the garage and then pull it out every time you entertain in the backyard.