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Episode 501: Reunited!
Family Buffet
Don't run out of plates!
I don't care if you happen to think that you are the black sheep of the family, there is no way you should be doing dishes at a family reunion. Of course, I'm only kidding; however, I do recommend using plastic or paper plates for large gatherings such as these. Not only do they add great colour, but they are also easily disposable.

By the same token, I recommend providing paper napkins. A great idea is to use the lids of your canning jars as weights to place on top of the napkins to make sure they don't blow away. Again, the more colour the better.

As for cutlery, arrange assorted plastic forks and knives into a nice, large bowl, and place down on the table.

For your floral arrangement, you can go really simple and inexpensive. Line the inside of a large, tin bucket with a garbage bag, insert a bit of floral oasis, and stick your flowers in. Daisies or country flowers work quite nicely.

To cover the table, place a multi-coloured checked tablecloth down. In the centre, place a lifter, using a milk crate turned upside-down. Cover with a gingham cloth, place the floral arrangement on it, and see how nicely it adds height to your buffet table.