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Episode 509: The Hills are Alive
Couch Slouch
Get Comfortable...

As a kid growing up, my sisters and I would sit in front of the television set while my Mom prepared munchies and different things for us to enjoy. It was the perfect family time to just hang out and slouch on the couch, which is exactly what Movie Night is all about. The great thing about this type of event is that it doesn't take much effort, but it is loads of fun.

Start off by checking to make sure your furniture is set up in a way that allows you and your guests both to talk and to see the television screen at the same time. For example, you may have to make slight adjustments to the position of your television set if it doesn't always sit directly in front of your sofa. You should also place a bunch of small pillows within easy reach so that your guests can get comfortable with them, placing them behind their heads, backs, or under their rear-end if they choose to sit on the floor.

Seeing as our Movie Night is all about "The Sound of Music", a great idea is to place a guitar upside down on your coffee table, cover it with cellophane paper and present finger sandwiches on it. Of course, you can't do a night at the movies without munchies. Serve chips, pretzels, nuts and mixes in divided bowls, or old vintage bowls, which can be purchased for a song (pun intended). Keep your service simple by placing down multi-coloured paper cocktail napkins. Transfer beverages into a cooler and keep it ready-at-hand.

Other accessories that work wonderfully can be found at places like garage sales. An old movie reel may only be worth 25 cents to somebody, but it can be perfect for holding drinking glasses at your party. As well, old film tin canisters can be a great thematic find; line them with napkins and they are perfect to use as serving bowls.

You can also visit your local vintage bookstore. Who knows, you may be as lucky as we were to find an item such as a copy of Life Magazine from 1965, with Julie Andrews on it.

When a movie gets really good, you often just want to wrap yourself up in a comfy blanket, so place out some warm, soft throws for you and your guests. Keep in mind that once you all get cozy, no one is going to want to have to get up for anything. As a thoughtful gesture, attach a long ribbon to each side of the remote control for the VCR. This way all of your guests can have easy access to the control if they feel like pausing at a good part, or rewinding to play a great scene over again.

Once everything is in place, you will see that your couch is now the perfect place to slouch. All you have to do is wait for your friends to arrive and then press play.