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Episode 509: The Hills are Alive
Movie Floats
Just Floatin' Along...

Watching a classic movie may involve bringing out a classic drink. Here are four variations of soda floats:


  • ice cream parlour glasses
  • assorted ice cream (we used chocolate, vanilla, orange, lemon-lime)
  • assorted sodas (we used orange, cola, lime, and cranberry)
  • straws


Fill a glass with orange soda, top it off with a scoop of chocolate ice cream.

In another glass, add cola and a scoop of vanilla.

In another glass, add lemon-lime ice to lime soda (great for the weight-conscious!). Finally, create a combo of cranberry soda and a scoop of orange ice cream.

Add straws to each.

And, there you have it, a 'floatilla' of great drinks for movie night.